Less than two months before election day, a new AARP poll of the Alaska Senate race finds Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski and opponent Kelly Tshibaka essentially deadlocked

Additionally, in the contest for the House, Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola is running. She just won a special election to finish the term of the late Don Young

The "Top 4" primary system is used in Alaska, where the top four finishers in each party's primary move on to the general election

Tshibaka and Murkowski, two Republicans, are opposed to one another in the Senate general election for this reason

Also opposing them is Pat Chesbro, a Democrat. Republican Buzz Kelley was the fourth contender to win the primary, but he withdrew from the contest earlier this week

Alaska switched to ranked-choice voting this year, and the poll followed suit

In the AARP poll, Tshibaka received 43% of the first-round vote, while Murkowski received 35%, and Kelley dropped out after the first round. Tshibaka was chosen as the second choice by 29% of respondents who chose Kelly as their top choice

Tshibaka was viewed favourably by 42% of voters while being negatively viewed by 43% of voters