Fans of actor Tommy Lee were horrified to see a gruesome image that suddenly emerged on his Instagram profile

Following the premiere of the Disney+ series Pam and Tommy, the 59-year-old Motley Crue member has been firmly in the public eye

Following the posting of a full-frontal naked photo to his social media, the musician is now making headlines once more

Tommy posted a picture on Instagram with the comment "Ooooopppss." Shortly after Tommy’s post broke the internet, another image appeared on his page showing an elephant and a naked man

It featured a naked Tommy seated by what appeared to be a swimming pool, several of his tattoos and other things on display.

Thousands of commenters expressed their amazement at the snap's violent content within three hours of it being posted.

It's unknown exactly how the extremely private photo ended up on the website, whether Tommy submitted it himself, whether it was done so on purpose or by mistake