At this year's Lumière Film Festival, Tim Burton, the innovative filmmaker behind Batman, Bettlejuice, Ed Wood, and Edward Sissorhands, will receive the 2022 Lumiere Award, a lifetime achievement award.

Burton will attend the Lumière festival in Lyon, France from Oct. 20 until Oct. 23 and will receive his gong on Friday, Oct. 21.

The Lumière festival described Burton as "an artist who has given world cinema a cosmos of unusual coherence with an extraordinary impact on popular culture" when announcing Burton's award on Wednesday.

Burton's whole career as a director is influenced by his unique blend of gothic horror and baroque comedy, as well as his unmistakable visual aesthetic.

Wednesday, Burton's debut television project, is currently in post-production for Netflix

He follows in the footsteps of earlier awardees Quentin Tarantino, Francis Ford Coppola, Wong Kar-wai, Catherine Deneuve, Pedro Almodóvar, and Jane Campion

The Lumière Film Festival was launched in 2009 by twin-hatted Cannes Film Festival Delegate General Thierry Frémaux, in his other role as director of the Institut Lumière in Lyon.

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