Former supermodel Linda Evangelista has settled a legal case with a company, 10 months after alleging their cosmetic procedure left her "permanently deformed"

She claimed that in September of last year, a fat-reduction treatment had had an unfavourable reaction in her that had actually enlarged her fat cells

"I'm pleased to have settled the case," she wrote on Instagram.

She claimed she was "unrecognisable" after the treatment last year

Evangelista disclosed the cause for her disappearance from the public light to her 1.2 million Instagram followers

The settlement's conditions have not been made public. The model and the procedure's sponsor, Allergan, have both been contacted by the BBC for comment

The Canadian model said that after the slimming operation, popularly known as body contouring, had the opposite effect, she had undergone "two agonising, unsuccessful, remedial surgeries" the previous year

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