Screenwriter Lee Goldberg is suing two production companies in a dispute over the late James Caan’s last film, the crime drama Fast Charlie

Fast Charlie is director Phillip Noyce’s take on Victor Gischler’s Edgar Award-nominated novel Gun Monkeys

Against Boomtown Media Partners LLC and Fast Charlie Nola LLC, Goldberg and his firm, Adventures in Television, filed a complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, alleging breach of contract and requesting declaratory relief.

According to the lawsuit, if a movie based on Gun Monkeys was produced with credits in the main title, home video packaging, and other places, Goldberg was to get full payment from his company

Boomtown allegedly assigned its rights to Fast Charlie Nola, which started filming the Gun Monkeys-based movie Fast Charlie in April 2022. However, according to Goldberg, neither the plaintiff nor his company received the agreed-upon purchase fee or the first opportunity to revise the script.

Although the movie was filmed in New Orleans, it hasn't yet been made public. In order to prevent the defendants from disseminating Fast Charlie until a decision is made about the plaintiffs' rights to writer and co-producer credits, Goldberg and his firm are asking for a preliminary injunction. Compensation damages are also demanded in the lawsuit

Caan, who was 82 years old when he passed away, was well-known for his roles in The Godfather, Thief, and Brian's Song

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