Jhoan Duran is first in MLB history to throw 100 mph off-speed pitch

The "splinker" from Jhoan Duran that struck out Alex Verdugo on Monday night at 100.8 mph was the first off-speed pitch to reach that speed in MLB history

Duran leads the majors this season with an average splitter speed of 96.2 mph, according to Baseball Savant

His four-seam fastball, which averages 100.7 mph in the majors, is also the fastest

With an average speed of 87.7 mph, his curveball ranks second in baseball. Duran has the highest splitter velocity of anyone

According to Do-Hyoung Park, who follows the Twins for MLB.com, Duran currently has 68 of the top places for splitter velocity in the pitch-tracking period

That pumps you up like very few things I've ever seen from a pitcher. Ever. The end goal is to get three outs


There are a lot of different ways to do that. But my god, that is some insane stuff," said Twins manager Rocco Baldelli Monday night