In a stunning incident, Florida dispatched roughly 50 migrants to Martha's Vineyard, a Massachusetts island, using two planes

According to media reports, migrants from Colombia and Venezuela broke the law and jumped the border into Texas

Authorities and local NGO volunteers hurried to find temporary housing for the unanticipated refugees as soon as the flights touched down at the island's airport.

The migrants acknowledged that their flight had taken off from San Antonio and that they were being flown to Boston, according to an NPR story

The Florida state administration surprised the public by announcing that these migrants were being relocated to New York and California

Two flights were cited in the Florida government's announcement, but according to Martha's Vineyard local officials, only one jet touched down on the island

The refugees, who are currently staying in a church shelter temporarily, told the media that they came to America in search of a brighter future

Many allege that in order to get to Texas, they had to go through ten different nations, which required them to board a plane without much information