A new date has been set for Miles Bridges' preliminary hearing on felony domestic violence allegations in California

The Charlotte Observer was informed on Friday by a representative of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office that Bridges' court appearance has been rescheduled until September 29

This is the third rescheduled game, and Bridges might miss some of the NBA preseason as a result

Bridges, who led the Charlotte Hornets in scoring last season, was first scheduled to show up for his preliminary hearing on August 19 and again on September 7.

Bridges, a graduate of Michigan State, is accused of brutally hitting his partner in front of their two kids

Bridges entered a not guilty plea to three felony counts in Los Angeles Superior Court on July 20

After what Los Angeles police described as an episode of "Intimate Partner Violence with Injury" two days earlier, he was detained on June 29

After Bridges was taken into custody, his accuser posted pictures of her wounds and what looked to be a copy of her medical record on social media