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College Football Reacts to Deion Sanders Crisis News


The football team at Jackson State is experiencing a crisis like without air conditioning, water and other essentials according to head coach Deion Sanders

We are hit with a little crisis in the city of Jackson," Sanders said. "We don't have water. No water means we don't have air conditioning. Can't use the toilets, we don't have water

The students who reside on campus or in Jackson must be moved into a hotel and given accommodations so that they may properly take care of their needs and take showers

Make sure all of our kids are fed, all of our kids have the necessities of life for the next several days, until this crisis resides.

Of course, the college football world feels really bad for Jackson State's football team and everyone else dealing with this crisis

Sunday's season opener for Jackson State will be against Florida A&M

Fortunately, Hard Rock Stadium will host Jackson State's first game of the year