Albert Pujols proceeded to create history as a sold-out Busch Stadium crowd stood up to cheer him on

His 698th career home run was sent into the St. Louis night sky, landing 427 feet beyond left field and tying Friday night's record

Pujols has now blasted four home runs in a row that have either given the Cardinals the lead or knotted the game

For his longest run since 2017 with the Los Angeles Angels, Pujols has at least one RBI in six straight games

Pujols hit his 476th home run in the National League with the home run he hit.

He no longer shares the top spot among all players with Stan Musial and Willie Stargell as a result

Beginning with his two-run home run that gave the Cardinals a 2-0 victory over the Cubs, Pujols went on a streak of significant home runs

Pujols will now attempt to accomplish what once appeared impossible: pass the 700 home run mark, which is currently just two swings away