Single Michael B. Jordan ‘thriving’ with pals in NYC

Newly single Michael B. Jordan may be dating on the Raya app, but he “only had eyes for his crew” when he was out celebrating with pals in New York on Saturday night.

The “Creed III” actor and director hosted an afterparty for his second annual Invesco QQQ Legacy Classic at Asiatique at Mister French — where he took shots and dished about recently hosting “Saturday Night Live.”

“He was in high spirits all night. They were requesting old school R&B and hip hop… He seemed to be thriving in his newly single life,” a source told Page Six.

The actor was overheard telling his partner in Lower East Side bar Las’ Lap, and the restaurant’s owner Nick Semkiv, about “how much he loved getting to do ‘SNL,’ and he called it one of the best things he’s done,” our source recalled.

Jordan revealed on “SNL” that he was using the dating app Raya. He opened up about how, “I went through my very first public breakup,” with Lori Harvey during his monologue on the NBC comedy show.

Michael B. Jordan.
Jordan was celebrating the second annual Invesco QQQ Legacy Classic.
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“Most people after a breakup are like, ‘I’m going to get in better shape.’ But I was already in ‘Creed’ shape. So I had to be like, ‘All right, I guess I’ll learn a new language… Anyway, estoy en Raya,” he quipped.

Coincidentally, Jordan’s ex was also in town on Saturday, attending the 2023 Fifteen Percent Pledge gala.

But it was a guys’ night out for Jordan.

Jordan and his pals including boxer Shakur Stevenson and actor Terrence J.

Michael B. Jordan
Jordan and his pals including boxer Shakur Stevenson and actor Terrence J.


He spent the night with pals including actor Terrence J. and boxer Shakur Stevenson, and he took shots in between. “They spent a good hour talking shop and sharing techniques for when they’re in the [boxing] ring,” the source said.

When Jordan wasn’t sharing boxing tips, “he was continuously expressing how proud he was of his Legacy team and how excited he was for the upcoming release of ‘Creed III,’” the source said.

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