Marvin Gaye III’s wife files restraining order after domestic violence arrest

Wendy Gaye, the wife of Marvin Gaye III, has filed for a restraining order from the son of the late Motown singer Tuesday.

Wendy is now seeking court-ordered protection from Marvin after a domestic violence dispute last week ended with Marvin allegedly pointing a gun at her, according to TMZ.

According to records seen by the outlet, Marvin allegedly physically assaulted his wife and cousin during a heated exchange at his Calabasas home Thursday.

As cops swarmed the property and called for him to come out, Marvin had already fled the scene. Police retrieved two firearms from the home.

Gaye reportedly “came to the Sheriff’s station the next day around 5 p.m. and turned himself in,” according to the outlet.

Wendy Gaye, Marvin Gaye III
Wendy is seeking court-ordered protection from Marvin III.

Marvin was booked on misdemeanor domestic violence and felony assault with deadly weapon charges. He was released after posting a $50,000 bond.

An emergency protective order was issued to ensure Marvin stays away from his home and those living there, the outlet adds.

A source told the outlet that Marvin and Wendy “have had ongoing issues for a while now.”

Marvin Gaye III
Marvin was last week arrested over an alleged domestic violence dispute at his home.
Getty Images for Friendly House
Marvin Gaye III, Wendy Gaye
Marvin III allegedly pointed a gun at Wendy last week following a heated exchange.

Marvin is the adopted son of the late Marvin Gaye and his late wife Anna Gordy Gaye. The pair welcomed Marvin during their ill-fated union from 1963 until 1977. 

The legendary singer was famously shot and killed by his own father in 1984. He was 44.

Meanwhile, Anna died in 2014 aged 92. Her niece, Denise Gordy, was the biological mother of Marvin III.

Marvin Gaye
Legendary singer Marvin Gaye was famously shot and killed by his own father in 1984. He was 44.
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She gave birth to him when she was just 16, giving him up to Marvin and Anna since she was unable to conceive.

After Marvin and Anna divorced, the singer moved on and married his second wife, Janice, in 1977. The pair later welcomed daughter Nona and son Frankie.

Marvin III has two children. He welcomed his first son Marvin IV in 1995, and his second son, Dylan, in 2000.

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