Leonardo DiCaprio’s rumored teenage gal pal flees to Israel

Leonardo DiCaprio’s rumored new love interest, 19-year old model Eden Polani “got into a spat with her family over the whole thing” — and is now “flying back to Israel,” a source tells Page Six.

Speculation began that the pair were dating this week after a photo circulated of them sitting next to one another at recording artist Ebony Riley’s EP release party.

A source tells Page Six they’re not dating and that Polani was pleased to be “in the right place at the right time,” and was initially “chasing attention” after the initially fortuitous seating.

But now we hear “the attention backfired” since fans are focusing on the 29 year age difference between the teen and the “Great Gatsby” star, who is 48.

We’re told Polani has strict parents who are not happy about seeing their daughter’s name in headlines for allegedly dating an older man.

Eden Polani
A source tells Page Six that the model is headed home to Israel and her family.

Polani lives in Los Angeles, but arrived in NYC on Tuesday. She was headed off Thursday on her way back to her original home, Israel, a source told us.

We also heard she was doing a modeling shoot while in the Big Apple.

Despite the fact he’s not dating the young model, DiCaprio has taken some shots from cultural critics and social media users.

“There’s a dog now who’s older than Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend. Let that sink in for a moment,” joked one Twitter user, referencing the world’s oldest dog, 30-year-old Bobi.

Former Fox News and NBC host Megyn Kelly dramatically stated of the “Revenant” star, “He’s just going to keep banging teenagers for the rest of his life.”

People were stunned over the nearly 30 year age difference.

People were stunned over the nearly 30 year age difference.


Polani, for her part, briefly disabled her Instagram account — but seemingly turned it back on as her followers soared.

An insider told Page Six earlier this week that there was “zero truth” there was anything romantic between DiCaprio and Polani. “He was seated next to [Polani] at a music party, along with many other people,” said the source. “It’s just silly. Leo clearly can’t be dating every single person that [he’s] in a room with.”

Leonardo DiCaprio
A source tells Page Six DiCaprio and Polani are not dating.
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DiCaprio has been recently linked to 23-year-old model Victoria Lamas. He also sparked romance rumors with Gigi Hadid shortly after breaking up with longtime girlfriend Camila Morrone in August.

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