Katy Perry reveals how she learned to do ‘doll eye’ trick

Katy Perry knows how to multi-task.

The “California Gurls” singer revealed in a TikTok for Vogue on Friday that she learned how to do a move called the “doll eye” — in which she keeps one eye closed and the other one open –in order to give her glam team feedback.

“I’ve sat in a hair and make-up chair for 15 years,” Perry, 38, explained.

“If they’re putting eyeshadow on this eye and someone is putting my hair up into a French twist, I want to give notes in real-time.”

Katy Perry showing her "eye glitch" trick.
Katy Perry explained in a new video how she learned to perform her “doll eye” trick.

The pop star also said while demonstrating the move, “I can close one eye at a time and still, like, maintain all function.”

Perry’s peculiar trick first went viral in October 2022, when a clip of her doing her “doll eye” in concert caught the attention of many fans.

During a performance at her Las Vegas residency, “Play,” the “Dark Horse” singer played around and made it appear as though she was unable to keep her right eye open.

Katy Perry showing off her eye "glitch" trick.
Perry said the move came about after spending years in makeup chairs.

At the time, she even pressed her finger against her temple to make it seem as if she were trying to keep her eyelid from drooping.

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Fan reactions varied from amazement to confusion.

Katy Perry doing her eye "glitch."
Perry previously went viral over her party trick.

“Her clone was glitching. That’s scary 😳,” one person wrote in a TikTok comment, while another added, “Her robot seems to glitch a lot.”

Meanwhile, others found the move to be hilarious.

“That baby doll you had as a kid with the eye that kept closing,” one person joked on TikTok, while another quipped, “She lost the wifi connection 😂.”

Katy Perry performing and doing her eye "glitch."
Perry first performed the “glitch” while performing in Las Vegas.

Later that month, the “Roar” singer attempted to clear up the ocular mystery.

“Welcoming all my #flatearthers #spaceisfakers #birdsarentrealers #skyisntbluers to come see my broken doll eye party trick IRL in Vegas next year! 😜,” she captioned a video of the viral moment on Instagram.

“The Last Friday Night” singer then jokingly added, “Heck I pour beer out of my tits (that’s a party trick too… I don’t actually lactate hops silly goose!)🍺.”

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