Jonas Brothers’ impromptu rager for Broadway pals at secret club

The Jonas Brothers said goodbye to Broadway in memorable style, Page Six hears.

Sources says the boy band closed out their sold-out, week-long Broadway run at the Marquis Theatre by throwing an impromptu party for their newfound fellow stars of the stage.

“Last minute invitations went out to a slew of Broadway stars,” an insider told us, adding that the casts of “Moulin Rouge” and “Sweeney Todd” showed up en masse, and “Bad Cinderella” star Linedy Genao “brought her own posse.”

They threw the rager at The Stranger, a new hidden club from the people behind the Lower East Side’s legendary The Box.

We hear Joe DJ’d and played a mix of pop and show tune remixes as the crowd danced into the wee hours.

“At around 1am, a giant stack of pizzas was delivered, but the crowd was so dense the food had to be crowd-surfed to reach the Jonas Brothers and their wives,” said a source.

Jonas Brothers
The Jonas Brothers threw a big party at new club The Stranger to celebrate the end of their Broadway run.
Cynthia Parkhurst / @cynthiaparkhurst
Jonas Brothers
Joe Jonas called the mini-residency “on of the coolest things” the band has done.
Cynthia Parkhurst / @cynthiaparkhurst

Apparently they decided to perform their new single, “Wings,” but asked the crowd to “put down your cell phones.” “This one is just for us here tonight,” said one of the former Disney stars.

According to the Post’s Chuck Arnold, on each night of the mini-residency, JoBros devoted the first act to one of their albums, “while the second act [featured] a variety of their hits.”

Joe Jonas called the run, “one of the coolest things we’ve been able to do.”

Jonas Brothers
The party was so packed they had to “crowd surf” pizza across the room to reach the band.
Cynthia Parkhurst

We hear The Stranger officially opens next month.  

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