Fashion flacks on high alert for party crashers

As long as there have been parties, there have been crashers.

But we’re told the pesky uninvited guests have gotten so organized for this year’s New York Fashion Week that frustrated publicists and party planners are taking extra precautions. 

In the days leading up to fashion week, a 23-page document, seen by Page Six, has been circulating amongst the wannabes, including the most exclusive invites from Tommy Hilfiger to Saks, with full details and RSVP email addresses. 

One events organizer tells us, “We are seeing all these RSVPs… I don’t think they are legitimate in any way. It’s pretty obvious when you get the emails of the people who are not welcomed to come.”

The party pro insisted, “If they show up they’ll have a bad night. They are not getting in.”

Editors at fashion publication the Daily Front Row tell us they’ll have security and extra precautions for their party.

Party crasher
Crashers have been circulating a 23-page document of parties.
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Another source tells us some crashers are going so far as to set up fake, yet credible seeming, emails.

“They’re creating fake websites with fake emails and harassing clients to get on lists to events,” a fashion source told Page Six. “They’re buying domains and creating emails associated with it… and claiming to work for other outlets to get on lists.”

The high-tech crashers even “put logos in their emails and they don’t work for these places,” the source added.

Some crashers are even creating fake websites and emails to get on the list.

Some crashers are even creating fake websites and emails to get on the list.


We’re told there’s even a “crashersnetwork” group to illicitly “share invites, then copy the invite to make it look like they were invited!”  

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