Dennis Basso reflects on 40 years with Beverly Johnson

Designer Dennis Basso celebrated 40 years in fashion with a luxe show that featured iconic model Beverly Johnson strutting the catwalk in a gorgeous gold gown.

“This is how she cooks,” Basso joked of Johnson’s satin couture dress.

The pair have known each other for 40 years, and Johnson attended his very first runway show at the Loews Regency.

“He gets better and better every year,” Johnson told Page Six of Basso. “That’s what is really stunning about him, is he does it over and over, but he ups the ante every time.”

Basso’s show at 583 Park opened with a video montage of his career featuring a number of his celebrity clients.

Barbara Walters
The late Barbara Walters was part of a montage at the start of the show that included some of Basso’s most famous clients.
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One image showed pioneering journalist Barbara Walters, who passed in December, in a fur coat.

“You know how I have that picture?” Basso recalled. “She gets photographed in that cape that I designed and she sent me that photograph. She sent it with a note, ‘I thought I would want to have it.’”

“Isn’t that funny?” Basso chuckled. “I made her lots of things over the years. I love Barbara.”

Ivana Trump, Dennis Basso
Basso says Ivana Trump bought seven furs after seeing his first show.
Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Also featured in the video was Ivana Trump who died in July.

“Ivana came to my first show in 1983 and the next morning she came to my showroom and bought seven fur coats,” Basso told us. “She was a young woman, she was 32 when that happened.”

“It’s been a long fabulous journey,” Basso said of his storied career.

Johnson noted how Basso has evolved as women have. “I think we’ve become braver and braver,” she told us. “We love how we look and we take chances being strong, independent women.”

Johnson attended Basso’s first show in 1983.
Getty Images
Johnson attended Basso’s first show in 1983.
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Beverly Johnson
Johnson attended Basso’s first show in 1983.
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Basso reflected, “There was an era to go to lunch, get dressed, be the perfect wife,” and now women are “CEOs and have created businesses.”

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