Barbara Walters could talk about sex all day

Sherri Shepherd is remembering her late friend Barbara Walters — and her raunchy sense of humor.

Shepherd said in a new interview that she felt so “connected” to the legendary journalist during their time together on “The View” that they had no problem talking about even the most taboo topics, like sex.

“For me, I connected with Barbara’s sense of humor. I think that not enough people really got to see what a bawdy sense of humor Barbara had,” Shepherd, 55, told E! News Thursday.

“When she would tell me — not ask, tell me — we are going to go to dinner, I would shake in my boots because I was just like, ‘What did I do now? And why do we need to go to dinner?’” she continued.

“But when we would get to the restaurant, she was like a queen when she was ordering things. But then we would talk, it was like, literally, she was my mom.”

Barbara Walters holding a microphone.
Walters died in December at the age of 93.
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In fact, Shepherd shared that after a drink or two, the pair would “talk and laugh” about some of their most memorable moments in-between the sheets.

“Literally, we could talk about sex all day long,” the “Sherri” host confessed. “She had advice for days.”

Sherri Shepherd standing  on a sidewalk with her hands on her hips.
The “Sherri” host wishes more people got to see Walters’ sense of humor.
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Walters, who created “The View” in 1997, died at her New York City home on Dec. 30. She was 93 years old.

After the news broke, Shepherd took to Instagram to share an emotional tribute to the trailblazing broadcaster, whom she called a “teacher, mother and friend.”

Sherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters talking on "The View."
Shepherd has said Walters was like her “mother,” “friend” and “teacher.”
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“Barbara was tough on me, but she was tough on those she loved,” she captioned a photo of the pair. “Barbara gave me a chance to grow. She encouraged me (no… she TOLD me) to speak up or be left behind. She told me to never take No for an answer.”

Shepherd continued, “Thank you Barbara for giving a shy girl who didn’t like to debate a seven year chance of a lifetime. You believing in me has changed my life. Thank you for allowing me to find my voice and encouraging me to fly.”

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