Alec and Hilaria Baldwin’s kids: Meet their 8 children

Family man Alec Baldwin has one of the biggest broods in Hollywood!

The “30 Rock” alum welcomed one child while married to Kim Basinger from 1993 to 2002, adding seven more kids to his family after moving on with Hilaria Baldwin.

The couple, who wed in 2012, may not be done expanding, with Hilaria telling Us Weekly in October 2022 that only “time will tell.”

Meet all of Alec’s children below.

Ireland Eliesse Basinger-Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin takes selfie in bed
The actor shares daughter Ireland with ex-wife Kim Basinger.

Basinger gave birth to Ireland in October 1995, battling Alec for custody of the little one after their 2000 separation.

While Ireland has followed in her parents’ acting footsteps, she is most known for her modeling and is now the co-owner of Oregon coffee shop Good Times with her boyfriend, RAC.

The couple are expecting their first child — and Alec’s first grandchild — a baby girl.

Ireland told her Instagram followers about her pregnancy in January 2022, writing, “Happy New Year ❤️.”

Carmen Gabriela Baldwin

Alec Baldwin kneels before Hilaria Baldwin, as she holds daughter Carmen in a princess dress
Hilaria became a mom in 2013.

Alec and Hilaria’s first child, daughter Carmen, was born in August 2013.

“We are overjoyed to announce the birth of our daughter. She is absolutely perfect,” the former yoga instructor, who has made headlines for faking her Spanish heritage, tweeted at the time.

Prior to the infant’s arrival, Alec told Extra that he wanted to be “Mr. Mom … home with the baby.”

Rafael Thomas Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin's eldest sons Leonardo, Rafael and Romeo put their arms around each other
Baby No. 2 was born two years later.

In July 2015, the couple’s first son, Rafael, arrived.

Hilaria posted a photo of the newborn’s fingers via Instagram at the time, writing, “We are happy to announce the birth of Rafael Thomas Baldwin 💙.”

The little one made headlines when he broke his arm “really bad” seven years later while “playing at the park.”

Leonardo Ángel Charles Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin's eldest four kids, Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo and Romeo, hold up back-to-school signs
Leonardo joined the family in 2016.

Alec and Hilaria welcomed baby boy Leonardo on a “special day” in September 2016.

While Carmen was immediately a “good big sister,” Rafael was still “learning to be gentle” a the time.

“I couldn’t get a good shot of them together,” Hilaria captioned an Instagram video. “He was fascinated with poking the baby’s eyes.”

Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin's seven kids, Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, Romeo, Eduardo, Lucía and Ilaria celebrate New Year's Eve in hats
In 2018, Romeo was born.

When the pair’s third son, Romeo, was born in May 2018, Hilaria told her followers: “He’s here! He’s perfect! … #wegotthis.”

While trying to expand their family further, the “Witches Anonymous” podcast suffered two pregnancy losses within seven months in 2019.

Eduardo Pau Lucas Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin kisses her daughter while breast-feeding her baby girl and cuddling her son
Eduardo arrived after Hilaria suffered multiple miscarriages.

Hilaria gave birth to her rainbow baby, son Eduardo, in September 2020.

“His name means ‘wealthy guardian of peace and light’ 🤍,” she captioned the infant’s Instagram debut. “We love you baby Edu 🤍.”

Hilaria wrote that while she will “always be sad” about her miscarriages, she felt like a “lucky mama.”

María Lucía Victoria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin's daughters, Carmen Lucía and Ilaria, cuddle up for sweet snap
Lucía was born via gestational carrier.

Four months after Eduardo’s arrival, Hilaria and Alec shocked fans with news of their second daughter’s arrival with the help of a surrogate.

Hilaria clarified in November 2022 that baby No. 6 was not “any less” her daughter because she was carried by someone else.

“She is just as attached to me as all my other ones,” she told podcast listeners at the time.

Ilaria Catalina Irina Baldwin

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin attempt a family photo on couch with Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, Romeo, Eduardo, Lucía and Ilaria
Ilaria joined the family in September 2022.

Hilaria and Alec’s family grew again in September 2022 when daughter Ilaria arrived.

“She’s here! We are so excited to introduce you to our tiny dream come true,” Hilaria wrote alongside an Instagram reel at the time. “Her Baldwinito siblings are spending the day bonding and welcoming her into our home.”

She and Alec occasionally attempt to take family photos with all seven children, with Hilaria joking in November 2022 that it usually results in an “epic fail.”

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